Whereas the Kuroiler hens can create around 150 eggs each year by swallowing kitchen and such agricultural waste. am much interested in kuroiler rearing but suprised that its not advisable to rear them indoors….what your advice, my cage and sunning area is approximately 3*10m. my question is, can l rear them in cages without cocks like the exotic ones? For it to be super-productive, Kuroiler eats a lot. Where can I purchase either eggs or week old chicks in my location and in sizable quantities. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'value_co_ke-banner-1','ezslot_14',129,'0','0'])); Make sure you practice proper biosecurity measures so as to keep diseases at bay. Click here to get instant access to 170+ detailed Q&A’s just like this one on every chicken keeping topic you could imagine … Click here to grow the most productive organic garden you’ve ever grown. The only disadvantage with this breed of chicken, however, is that they don’t incubate and hatch their eggs. The Kuroiler chickens are dual purpose breed suitable for both meat and egg production. One thing is for sure, if you let a kuroiler chicken scratch food for itself, it will be going 100% natural with its characteristics. 1-How much is a oneday oid chick? hello, am Phiona from Uganda, i rearing kuroilers for the first time but i happen to have a poor breed, wish to order for your breed next stocking. The locally available ones are either F2 or interbred with other local breeds. Hens do no sit on their eggs for hatching. You can put them under a free range or you can build a house for them but their feeding is not as strict as the broilers and layers. Chicks should get starter feed until they are 6 … Regards. Kuroiler chicken attains a weigh of 3 to 4 kgs by the age of 5 to 6 months. Each Kg is ksh50. Download FREE Business Plan, Complete Guide to Chicken Feed Formulation, Vaccination schedule for Kienyeji chicken for 2021, Watermelon Farming in Kenya Guide for 2021, A Detailed Guide to Bulb Onion farming in Kenya, Complete Guide to Open Field Tomato Farming. Please call +254710815184 for more details. 8. KARI Improved Kienyeji / Karlo Improved Kienyeji Breed Information and management. The following are some of the outlets that you can count on and how much you should expect to pay. Kuroiler F1. How much feed does each kuroiler chicken eat a day? Kuroiler have high growth rate hence makes the Kuroiler profitable as they grow fast. I need to start a chicken farm in Zimbabwe. The Kuroiler chickens are dual-purpose strain acceptable for both egg and meat production. 3-what number is the best to begin with? 5- 8Kg before laying. Growth rate – Kuroiler kienyenji chicken farming has become so popular because the birds grow extremely fast. Thank you, am in northern uganda who can i contact to supply me kuroiler chicks and guide me on its management. Kuroiler Poultry ,we are the leading supplier of Kuroilers in Kenya and Fresh Fertilized eggs. Am a kenyan. It was then exported to Kenya, where it has been placed under the improved kienyeji category (Improved Indigenous chicken category). I need to use battery cages. Feeding Layers. Fortunately, there are numerous Kuroiler chicken suppliers all over the country. Am from Uganda and I wish to start up poultry business please advise me. In reply to hi I want to purchase 2400… by albert ruto, The best option of getting F1 Kuroiler eggs is importing from Uganda. m) per hen for birds that are allowed to free-range, and 10 square feet (1 sq. Currently working on exporting but not possible for now, when possible will notify you. Our month old current price is 260ksh and they mature within 4 months. Though you need to follow a Kuroiler chicken vaccination schedule, Kuroiler chicken are also resistant to poultry diseases, largely attributed to its genetic attributes. Copyright 2019 - value.co.ke . - When they start laying eggs at 5 months, Kuroiler chicken lay continuously for 2 years. am geoffrey from kenya and i was planning to start poulry farming where will i purchase a two days old chicks and at what prince. Thus, you should only supplement its efforts by providing extra food. Dressed Kuroiler chicken for supermarkets & restaurants II. CASH & CARRY, "NO BOOKING " Only at Ol-Njoro Farms, Tel 0773889309 Not really, if you want the eggs for incubation you may consider the cocks, However, kuroiler breed usually have many males and females, they are always mixed. Do not debeak or cut claws for Kuroiler chicken that are left to scavenge for food as they use their claws and beaks to look for food. From One (1) Day old- to 4 weeks give Chick Mash (Starter) From 4 … Thanks for your interest. For monthly income is it advised that you have multiple batches of Kuroiler Chicken. During this period, aside from the broiler feed, heat is very important as earlier stated. We have the contacts on the article. • Fill the trough 1/3 to ½ full for dry feed. Kuroiler chicken is a village bird most needed by communities to ensure food security and improve the economy of the people living there. How To Start Poultry and Chicken Farming: Record Keeping. Please contact us 0710815184 for more details. Starter 2 Start your chicks on a healthy diet geared toward egg-laying early. They are the major supplier of Kuroiler F1 stock in Eastern Africa. Hey, Nabam, what is your location, i can recommend a session for you. Back to Top. Feeding takes the lion’s share of the total cost of production, hence, the aspect of feeding in broiler production must be taken very seriously. I have been doing this for over three years now,” she says. Thanks for the enquiry. NOTE: For farmers who have more than 500 chickens it is advisable to make 1 tonne of feed at once (there are 14 bags of feed in one tonne). The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. From India, it was exported to Uganda, when many small scale farmers took it up because of its fast maturity and higher egg production as compared to indigenous chicken. My name is Norbert, and I am a Ugandan. hi I want to purchase 2400 eggs of F1 generation of kuroiler....kindly contact me 0797901293 Urgent please if there be. They are bred from original parent breeding stocks imported from France. Thanks for the knowledge. Hi, how much are 1 month-old male/cock kuroilers? Also I want you to sale me 4 months old layers so that I don’t incur huge cost of feeding them before they start laying eggs. - Kuroiler hens do not sit on their eggs so as to hatch them. Avail grit in plenty as it helps the Kuroiler chicken in breaking down food. You can put them under a free range or you can build a house for them but their feeding is not as strict as the broilers and layers. my name is ronald,what are the deadly disease that affects kuroiler chicks and how do we control it? Vet waiswa, What is nutritional requirement of kuroiler birds (like other broiler birds) The Kuroiler chickens are dual purpose breed suitable for both meat and egg production. Where are u situated in nairobi, I am raising Koiler chicken for last 50 days I am feeding them with maize but there weight is just 500gm just want to know how much weight it should be in around 50 days. They are economical breed, and can live eating the kitchen and agricultural waste. Please continue to educate us in future. They can live entirely on kitchen remains agricultural waste and scavenging for worms and other insects. 56days x 0.06kg x 100 chicks x 50ksh: 16,800: Growers Mash: Fed between the 9 th week and 19 th week. Hello I have 5 months kuroilers and they have not started laying yet even after administration of layers to the birds.Kindly assistance. To formulate own feed, In reply to What is nutritional… by Dr Dilip Laxma…, Please check the complete chicken feed formulation guide here. 77days x 0.09kg x 100 chicks x 35Ksh . thx for emailing me. 10. Please send me a quote to deliver to Botswana (Jwaneng). My passion is rearing hens for commercial gain. It seems as though every Kenyan wants a piece of the cake considering that those who have been steady and patient with chicken farming have reaped significant benefits. Are you really sure they are not cross breed? It will help me a lot because I will start a free range poultry farm very soon. The goal of Value Magazine is to offer beneficial content on agribusiness, value addition, manufacturing, and productivity. Please, it is must that the kuroiler cocks must with the hens for them to start laying eggs. I have raised 1000s of birds across many breeds. This chicken has a very good market and the demand is growing rapidly. Thank you! How do i buy them? Kroiler hens mature between two and four months and weigh between 2 and 3 kilograms. They then distributed the day old chicks up to the village level. 2-where can I get the kuroiler breed from Uganda? If you supplement with hi. kuroiler vs rainbow rooster vs kari vs kenbro. Exotic hens are the high breed hens and not kienyenji as you have stated, Hi, I am interested with pure Kroiler chicks. Kuroiler chicken grow faster. Copyright © 2020 Kuroiler Chicks and Chicken. Hi Ali, thank you for your comment and your interest to rear chicken commercially. My k uroiler are experiencing swearing of eyes what could the problem and I have applied tetracycline. “I sell eggs and birds for meat and hatch chicks. This chicken doesn’t need hormones or commercial feed to grow fast. If I bought commercial pullets (5 of them) and keep them semi-free range and provide a cock.

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