In the future they will be the source of near infinite supply of precious resources. Some are quite surprising and awesome. Just, please, don’t leave anyone on Mars. This has the potential to free up our depleting resources (i.e. Maybe re-grow an entire limb lost by a soldier or someone in a horrific accident. Who knows? Here’s a much more detailed article if you want to read more about it. and Any of These Ten Could Happen at Any Time… 1) a “Successful” Assassination of President Trump… As political coexistence collapses across America due to the lawless, mentally ill Leftists who have abandoned every pillar of civil society, civil war is just one ignition event away. A related biohazard of the future is that bacteria will become more resistant to antibiotics, making it more likely infections will spread. 14 Things In The Future That We Have To Look Forward To, According To The Simpsons. 1. 2 1 5 1. The COVID-19 pandemic helped move the technology forward so telemedicine was more than a simple Zoom call. Portal is a super flexible smartphone that’s not afraid of falling and can be plunged into water to a depth of 10 meters (32.8′). Artificial technology for predicting and detecting crime might seem far-fetched, but it's quite possible for the future we’re looking at. Every day we use gadgets that didn’t exist 5 years ago, and it seems that it’s impossible for anything to surprise us. The changes associated with 4° Celsius (or 7.2º Fahrenheit) of warming are expected to be … Manufacturers promise to release the device in the near future. Future predictions have suggested that we will be able to download our own consciousness in the next couple of years. Now imagine this. But let's have a look at what science says will happen in the nearest of these far futures - roughly 10,000 years from now. Technology develops at a staggeringly quick pace in today's world — even watching movies from a few years ago can provide opportunities to snicker at characters' outdated cell phones.. We're not sure what wildly innovative ideas the future will bring, but we have a pretty good sense of which devices will fall into disuse. One day our bodies might develop extra features that will allow us to fly like birds, run like cheetahs, and swim like ducks. The theory is to essentially take a diseased organ of any kind, decellularize it (remove all the individual cells), and leaving only the extracellular matrix ‘scaffold’. Are they going to argue with their owners about different things as well? Health. With the world continuously growing towards climate change, rising temperatures, melting ice caps, and smog hovering above cities; we are in dire need for clean, powerful, and inexpensive energy, and the only completely clean/ high-yielding energy without continuous maintenance is Nuclear Fusion. America’s conservatives, fed up with being malicious labeled “Nazis”… People always wonder what the future will bring them: what food they will eat, what type of vehicles they will use, and what clothes they will wear. As of now, this cannot be done because the consciousness is considered to be tightly connected to physical structures in the brain, and we cannot figure out how to go about this feat. Bright Side picked a few items that are practically on our driveways already. Here we list 9 things that will shape the future of education during the next 20 years. What will happen in your future life 10 years from now? Google DeepMind is working on an amazing system called AI, which can do lots of things and even learn various new skills. What will happen in your future life 10 years from now? Here are just a few things that will become more commonplace in the classroom of the future: There are speed limits and problems like radiation and body deterioration. You then have to worry about the atmosphere and sources of food on exoplanets. A $1,000 Human Brain In 2025, $1,000 should buy you a computer able to calculate at 10^16 … Here are 10 predictions about the future of IoT. For starters, at that … Then repopulate it with healthy stem cells, and let that scaffold direct the cells and rebuild that end-stage kidney into a healthy kidney and get off dialysis or rebuild a healthy heart from one that is riddled with heart disease. This could very well mean the end of professional photography cameras in the near future. Companies today are strategizing about future investments and technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, or growth around new business models. You can find several riveting far future timelines on Wikipedia, including one that draws heavily on sci-fi and popular fiction. We almost have the technology to do it, we just need to get to Titan. You Could Get the COVID Vaccine Sooner Here. If we're wrong, we'll wait for you to tell us in 2025. by Ciera Cypert. No more worries about Wi-Fi passwords or slow internet! Is it the arrival of the Terminator? We can also break problems down into different tiny bits of maths, which transistors can’t do. China has returned with threats. It will happen far faster than people think and likely before people are prepared for it. Do you want to be really strong? All of the fundamental building blocks are there already. For such reasons, edge computing will mean faster response times for many of the internet-connected devices. 4. Coordination, powering them, and getting them to go fast without overheating and destroying themselves, or the material they are working on, seem like pretty big issues that we will have to overcome. Conclusion: The above-mentioned are the top 10 technologies that are going to take over the industry in the upcoming years. Could you better off than what you are right now, the same, or something worse? It has done so at the expense of smaller countries that the US just happens to be allied with. Health. tomorrow is another day phrase. In 2025, in accordance with Moore’s Law, we’ll see an acceleration in the rate of change as we move closer to a world of true abundance. Come, let’s fast forward to the future with these 13 inventions. Very soon we won’t have to worry about choosing a designated driver. This has the potential to free up our depleting resources (i.e. AI even managed to beat the world's number one player in the game Go. Scotland Makes Period Products Free and Signals to the World to Do the Same, 5 Lesser-Known Newborn Behaviors and How to Read Them, 20 Halloween Decorations That Inspire Everyone to be Extra Creative, 18 Pet Pics That Can Deliver the Joy Boost We All Need Right Now, Test If You Can You Look at These 20 Photos Without Yawning, 10 Things About Life in the Netherlands That Can Make Any Foreigner’s Head Spin, A Fully Blind Man Rides His Bike in Traffic and Becomes a Real-Life Batman, 15+ People That Will Now Steer Clear of Online Shopping, 12 Marketing Tricks That Did Way Better Than Expected, 20 Times Animals Showed That They Wanted to Play by Their Own Rules, human brain being connected to a computer. Other class of asteroids such as Iron, Cobalt and Nickel would be useful to construct space platforms. Blog. A man-made pandemic was probably the scariest of the bunch, not just because of the death toll but because of … More Great Lists. The US has responded with warnings. AskUs: How do jellyfish swim and eat if they have no brain or no blood? Credit: Left - Mellimage/, center - Montree Hanlue/ Biofuel is already here, and its volume gets larger and larger every year with more and more products getting transformed into power. Asteroid mining is a modern day gold rush that will open a trillion-dollar industry and provide a near infinite supply of metals and water to support our growth both on this planet and off. The human brain has about 100 Billion. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest. The United States of America as we know it today will not survive the next two years . Many car manufacturers are working on self-driving cars. Around 30% of produced food is wasted because we toss it out after the date on the label. No need to spend hours at the gym! New technology, new equipment, and new products come rapidly into our lives. 10 Reasons Our Last Hope For A Green Future Lies With China; 10 Things We Know About Elon Musk's Future Colony On Mars; 10 People Who Claimed To Have Traveled To The Future; Our list could go on and on. The androids, pre loaded with a human consciousness, are powered on and begin working, setting up a manufacturing facility to gather raw materials and generate new machines and androids. Advertisement. Here’s the Top 10 crazy things that will happen in the future Whichever country harnesses it first will rule the world. The Simpsons almost exclusively exists to predict the future. The future looks bright, except when it doesn’t. The more the food decays, the bumpier it gets. eLearning tools facilitate opportunities for remote, self-paced learning. 17 Things That Will Inevitably Happen in the Near Future. Unsung Heroes of A Song of Ice and Fire: Starks, AskUs: Two of the same type of metals will bond permanently together in space? 1. We might be able to send a single craft to another star system at incredible speeds. It turns out, chemical, mechanical, and electrical environments affect cell growth and differentiation. It seems that cinema might not be the greatest predictor of the future. Here are eight areas where we’ll see extraordinary transformation in the next decade: 1. Fire up your space engines! (Cold Welding), 25 Interesting Experiments Scientists are Working On. 10 things that will definitely happen in 2020, according to the movies. A quarter of the world’s 4,000 mammal species are under threat of extinction in the next 30 years.. The Future of Education 2050. If we're wrong, we'll wait for you to tell us in 2025. This isn’t actually “may actually be possible in the future”, it’s nearly possible right now. Very soon we may see people with advanced prosthetic limbs with various extras and "skin" so sensitive it can "feel" touch or temperature. Here are 10 things I see. At the same time, it easily turns into a gadget that’s attached to the wrist, and it can act as a fitness tracker and smart watch. Google has been working on developing robots with personalities and sets of different moods. 10 Most Important Things That Will Happen In The Next 20 Years. Life is changing. One platinum rich asteroid could contain more platinum group metals than what’s been mined on earth in all of history. It depends on how much the planet actually heats up. Life is changing. Then we enslave transistors to do those tiny bits of maths for us. Fauci Expects He'll Feel This Vaccine Side Effect. There has been a lot of work towards rebuilding organs. 3D printing One of the most revolutionary initiations in the last decade, 3D printing brings us the potential to have our imaginations run wild. Follow. Here’s a much more detailed article if you want to read more about it. But have you ever wondered what things will be like in your future life 10 years from now or what exactly might happen in it? There are a couple of companies that are committed to start asteroid mining within a couple of decades. Here at the archive, we know our viewers love a good scare. So things that’d take us the age of the universe to solve now, quantum computers could do on our tea break. Basically, normal computers break any problem down into lots of tiny bits of maths. Will we also have to invent drone traffic lights to avoid crashes? Check these 7 trends that will shape the future of education. It may be sci-fi at the moment, but never say never! One single 500 meter water rich asteroid would produce over $5 trillion worth of water for use in space. We can fit a terabytes of data in the palm of our hand right now. Here are 20 things that will probably be obsolete by 2066. Portal is a super flexible smartphone that’s not afraid of falling and can be plunged into water to a depth of 10 meters (32.8′). I'm a fortune-teller. According to the RealClearPolitics polling average, Joe Biden is about ten points ahead of Donald Trump.. Regardless of how unrealistic it sounds, hot air balloons may become popular for space travel. Next to your driver's license, your credit and debit cards are probably the most important things in your wallet. This has also happened with their predictions on technology. As of now projects are underway to come up with smartphones and tablets, which will be fully functional yet look just like paper. You will get to access an incredibly fast internet connection wherever you are. The future is scary. 1/27/2018 1 Comment 10.2099, 80% of the Amazon forest has been lost It is very sad to think that one of our beautiful creations of nature will almost be disappeared so fast, because of us. Forecasting the future of technology is for dreamers who hope to innovate better tools -- and for the mainstream people who hope to benefit from the new and improved. A drastic change to higher education in America. Scientists in Japan have been working on a machine that would allow this. Some of them are so high-tech, it feels like they came from sci-fi movies! But let's have a look at what science says will happen in the nearest of these far futures - roughly 10,000 years from now. What is stopping us now is mostly the complexity of the organs involved and the difficulty in successfully recellularizing complex organs that have many different cell types and rely on a multitude of factors to get them to grow into the appropriate cell types. Scientists have created simulated brains with about 1-2 Million neurons. Is there a limit to it? However, some inventions are so unusual that it seems they came directly from the future. What was unheard of for previous generations is already nothing unusual to us, and this transformation happens every day. Many inventions are born in the lab and never make it into the consumer market, while others evolve beyond the pace of putting good regulations on their use. Moreover, the planned “reset” of Trump’s reelection campaign in Tulsa on June 20 was not a success, at least in terms of its expectations-game optics; the Trump fans were enthusiastic, but there were only 6,200 of them—a fraction of the number that the campaign itself had anticipated. Downloading the human consciousness. If you ever thought Cloud City in Star Wars was awesome, it turns out we might be able to do something similar someday on Venus. These are just a few things that the next 10 years could bring. From gender-changing pills to mood rings that signal the health of your microbiome, these inventions will pave the way for future technology. Based on the current trends, here are 10 ways we can expect robotics to transform our future. But have you ever wondered what things will be like in your future life 10 years from now or what exactly might happen in it? Main site navigation +1(888) 8256561 Call us! 10. It currently costs $20,000 to send a liter of water from earth to space.

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