Mint-o-Coco and. It smudges even after letting it set for good 10 minutes. Wishlist 0. These are available in four variants: Melon Bubble-Yum. Strangely I found it very comforting to remove it unlike many other packs which take so much of effort to remove. Its pigmentation is extremely bad and it has a greasy or lets say satiny texture to it. The Green Tea Clear Mask and the Plum Mattifying Moisturizer are some of their best sellers you might want to try. I just don’t like this part of many body washes. I have been putting this sunscreen to use from a long time now and I all set to share my views on the same. 5. Alcohol-free natural toner Not goodness: Ultra-drying the skin with alcohol just to tighten up a few pores Goodness: Figuring out an alcohol-free alternative - with added green tea extracts Let’s put alcohol to better use :) Make this best-selling, alcohol-free toner from... Rs. Amazing facewash but little costly I feel. Plus their buying experience is splendid since you can visit their website and answer a simple questionnaire to know your skin type and they will recommend you products on the basis of your skin type, so that’s a huge thumbs up there. This face wash is really good. previous post. Do share your best and worsts of Plum Goodness Products in the comments section below, Loved your nice frank review Plum Goodness is surely an amazing brand that you need to check out! Still ! Also, this doesn’t even give a decent amount of lather, unless you use a lot of product eventually getting the product used up really fast. 7 comments. The product is also rich in anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and provides the skin with nourishing anti oxidants to decrease the signs of aging. 315.00. the formula is not too hard or soft , so no tugging or no smudging..You will need a cleansing balm or oil to remove . Why not Subscribe and Stay updated with future blog posts? Hello beautiful! PLUM GOODNESS CANDY MELTS VEGAN LIP BALM REVIEW. Let’s find out below the performance of each one of the Plum Goodness … It's gentle on skin. Also read. The GreenTea Mask is supposed to work on all skin types and specifically more on acne prone skin types. I'm very happy with this moisturizer . My favorites are Plum Hello Aloe Moisturizer. It has been quite some time that Plum launched their products in India and I am very much impressed with their range, especially the stunning face masks and other skin care products. © copyright.plum2020. {{currencySymbol}}{{i[0]}} - {{currencySymbol}}{{i[1]}}. This product is sheer love. This scrub has a tube packaging with a very tight and secure lid which won’t just open up if you throw it into your bag. Oily and acne prone skin people can skip this. Minis Goodness combos Under 999 store Gift sets wishlist. Above all, it doesn’t moisturize the body a lot and you do have to use a heavy moisturizer especially during winters. Honestly, I have actually done this quiet a lot of times now and for that it’s a hit. They have different range of products for different skin types and concerns like: I have tried so many products from Plum and I have identified 7 Products with a mix of good and not-so-good plums. I mean now I head over to this pack especially if I need to zap a zit or in case if I have to attend any upcoming event. The face mask applies very smoothly, infact it has the smoothest texture ever. Summary. After raising my concern to their team, the only response I got from them was – “stop using our products along with medicated products”. Add to bag NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal - Black Brilliance with FREE Sharpener MRP Rs. The wooden kohl pencil needs to be sharpened for every use which leads to wastage. Perfect for those who have sensitive waterline. Plum features Goodness land rewards Store locator Blog Blog Bodycare Concerns Haircare Ingredients Make-up Skincare Tips, tricks, easy hacks & more! It’s 100% Vegan, has got great ingredients, is free of harmful chemicals and does what it’s supoosed to do – cleans, brightens, removes tan, all along giving a softer and glowing skin. Therefore, we publish only our customers' reviews. Plum Reviews Ratings based on 3263 reviews Last review 2 months ago. Great for ISA management but quite buggy The market for accessing financial services via the Open Banking Standard (OBS) is huge, and I've tried about 6 different apps. Pros: Skin products specifically for acne; Range of beauty products for skin, hair, body and makeup; Earn points for signing up, making purchases and more; Warranties / guarantees for quality or satisfaction? Plum has products for every skin type, including sensitive skin. Out of the various Plum Goodness Products that I have tried, their NaturStudio All Day Wear Kajal and Pore Cleansing Green Tea Face Wash are must buys. I still gave it a few more tries and it still burns me every single time I put this mask on my face. Jun 2, 2020 - I have tried so many products from Plum and I have identified 7 Products with a mix of good and not-so-good plums. I mean I just love it as a brand on the whole mainly because they are 100% Vegan, Parabens Free, Cruelty Free and above all they have products for all skin types. It truly leaves my face with a velvety texture and softest skin cleaning it well from deep inside. It is packaged nicely in a very sturdy and safe glass jar but then its not at all travel friendly. So it’s very travel friendly. It did not even survive running water test and it faded even with a feather light touch. Also, it creates a very good lather unlike many scrubs. 2017-03-19. Loving it! This one has Stocks and Shares ISA management which is what I use it for mainly. Account. Talking about plum body wash; It is a nice basic body wash with a plastic bottle packaging with a pump on top, which can be locked when rotated slightly on the other side. And Green Tea Toner worked so well for me. Then they will suggest your products on the base of your skin … Sorry but this did not go down well with me at all and now the toner is kept in trash zone of my vanity. Totally free of Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, DEA, SLS, PABA. In winters it may not be enough, as you would need an extra dose of nourishment, maybe you can couple it with a facial oil and use. They do not make fairness or whitening creams and encourage diversity and healthy skin. Avoids the use of non-recyclable plastics such as PVC, ABS and SAN in their packaging. Doesn't cause any sort of dryness. It did not irritate or burn my eyes at all and thankfully I did not end up with watery eyes unlike most of the kajals. GB. Apparently, this product is their Best Seller along with their NaturStudio Kajal. Combination and normal skin people can use it in winters. The application doesn’t need any tugging or pulling of eyes. Including a toner in your skin care regime can make or break your skin! Plum is a cruelty free and vegan Indian cosmetic and skincare brand that I’ve been loving since September 2018. Bag 0 Candy Melts Vegan Lip Balm | Red Velvet Love MRP Rs. Plum Wild Cherries and Kiwi Shower Gel is a pink colored gel based body wash whose consistency is not too thick nor too runny; it is just perfect for a body wash. It is in runny and light lotion kind of consistency. The green tea face wash is suitable for combination or oil and acne prone skin. I am reviewing the Plum Goodness Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Renaissance Face Mask. It smells exactly like berries and trust me its not empowering at all to the extent that it fades away right after you are done bathing. Not a must buy for me but a cult favorite for many! Thank you. As far its performance is concerned, I am highly disappointed with it, as it just did not work for me at all. Top it up with a wing using an ink liner for a defined and crisp look. Review – Plum Goodness Green Tea Revitalizing Face Mist. This feature makes it really travel friendly. 999+/a>. But am not much a fan of their face washes, scrubs and night cream as I don’t find anything special in them for the price…,, Mujhy bhi is brand ka naam bahut pasand hai use abhi tak kuch nahi kiya Both of them exfoliates the skin nicely, unclogs the pores leaving the skin clear. Have you tried their products? I know you don't want to miss them. 4 comments. Reviews on Plum Goodness (2) Leave a review ↓ Sign into your account to share the opinion. I particularly wanted to try their Green Tea Range Toner since I have acne prone skin and after using for straight two weeks (as toners can’t be judged in a single use or in a short term) honestly, I have mixed feeling towards it. Offers . It's a perfect lip care kit for lip pamper , specifically the texture and the pigmented tint of the lip balm are super cool and lovely. Daily + Weekly Green Tea Kit (With SPF) For Clearer Skin | Free Bag, I hqve developed a lot of acne scars in my forehead.. will it be useful to me? It brightens up my skin and makes it feel really soft and glowy. I tried running it under water and it stood in place even after rubbing lightly with hands. This kohl is the very best . Key things that I look forward in a body wash are its fragrance, lather, worth for money and most importantly it should be hydrating for the body leaving it moisturized and supple. 7 Best and Worsts of Kama Ayurveda Products Reviewed, 7 Best and Worsts of Forest Essentials Products Reviewed, 7 Best and Worsts of VLCC Products Reviewed, Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Mild Foam Scrub Price, Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Mild Foam Scrub Review, Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash Buy, Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash Price, Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash Review, Plum NaturStudio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal Price, Plum NaturStudio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal Review, Plum Wild Cherries and Kiwi Shower Gel Price, Plum Wild Cherries and Kiwi Shower Gel Review, Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick Review, Berries and Chocolate Based For Dry Skin Types, Chamomile and White Tea For Combination Skin Type. So, without further ado, let’s start the detailed review of troshis Plum Night Cream. Plum Goodness Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash ( Rs 345 ) From the skincare range of Plum Goodness products, this is undoubtedly the best one. 260.00. A gentle, non-drying formula, this Plum Goodness product will work highly on oily skin. Apr 20, 2020 - Plum Green tea range is suitable for oily acne prone skin types which contains glycolic acid to mildly exfoliate the skin. The consistency is a little runny exactly like the Green Tea Face Cleanser. Gives a natural glow after sometime of usage. That toner is for normal to dry skin and also very good for sensitive skin. Much Love <3, Copyright © 2017 Thebeautyinsideout. I just love it to bits and I wasn’t expecting anything at all from this product since it was a fluke buy. I think for the money we pay, the quantity should be more. In all, I would definitely recommend buying this. I too tried few Plum products. previous post. Finally I took it off once it dried up and taking it off was such a nice feeling. The toner is completely alcohol free and also does a great job of keeping skin oil free. The scrub does a good job in reducing blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells. Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing. Apr 20, 2020 - Plum Green tea range is suitable for oily acne prone skin types which contains glycolic acid to mildly exfoliate the skin. Few lines about the brand Plum Goodness: Plum believes in the science of being good. 899+, FREE diary on picking Plum BodyLovin' plums worth Rs. Plz suggest. Please don’t expect to work it like a kajal at all. Additionally, their shopping experience is excellent as you can visit their website and know your skin type by just answering a few questions related to your skin. Wednesday, 22 May 2019 REVIEW OF PLUM GOODNESS BRIGHT YEARS- AGE SPECIALISTS RANGE New launches in Skincare never excites me and so whenever any brands coming out with skincare products one after another I hardly buy and try. Overall, this is a nice shower gel, considering that this is a paraben free product. Plus it gives a fresh glow after washing the face. Reviewed Item. Plum is a personal finance app which is for “saving you money before you know it. Sure I will try to do that. But I gradually developed control on it so the product didn’t get wasted. Kindly tell us how. Bundles of Goodness Under 999 store Goodness gifts wishlist. We want the feedback to be helpful to people who buy with the cashback in Letyshops. Yes, its true because I was never a toner kind of person but I took a leap and started using this Plum Green Tea Toner . Reviewed Item. The only con with the packaging is that, it doesn’t have a transparent packaging and so, you can’t really see how much product you have used, though this can easily be overlooked for it to be a real con. Plum Goodness: E-Luminence Nourishing Toning Water Review by Sandal Jamal updated on June 11, 2020 I’ve been using this toner since December now. It is very hydrating. I saw Komal from MyHappinesz rave about this one and I had to grab it to find out what the rage is all about. It doesn’t really hydrate the skin from within which I don’t like but it does what its supposed to do. This post is a review is on the Light Stay Day Cream and the Night Cream from the Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn range. But if you have sensitive skin like mine, you should definitely try it. Not all of them! If you’re unsure if this is right for you, read our ... Read Full Description. 289.00 Now at Rs. But…….It tingled my skin immensely and I felt the urge of wiping it off real soon but then I wanted to try this to see the final results it gives…All because of “the hype”!!!! Summary. Plum NaturStudio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal. I feel the difference on my face. Having said all of that, I think it’s a very good option for people who wish to head over to party right after work and just throwing it in your purse to keep it handy all the time for such impromptu plans is a great option. It is nowhere even close to it. Works really well for acne prone skin. However, the kajal comes with its own free sharpener, hence there is no issues to get a separate sharpener. Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner contains the goodness of green tea, glycolic acid, and glycerine. Organic Mill Facial Toner Apple Cider Vinegar Review. I bought the 300 ml pack as a refill after using the 100 ml packs and everyone in my house loves it. It is white tall pencil form of kajal with smudger on one end and pencil on the other. Plum Goodness Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Light Stay Day Cream SPF 30 Review; Plum Goodness Green Tea Clear Face Mask Review; Related. This product is a big thumbs up for me and I highly recommend it to even sensitive skin people because if it can suit my skin type, I am sure it would do good to any skin type. Plum Green Tea Moisturizer It comes in a sleek pump bottle with a protective cap and I am in love with pump packagings. Its fragrance is really great and uplifts the morning dullness after the wash. The scrub has a nice floral fragrance too. It does not irritate the skin. I don't know how to follow my plum goodness regime. World of goodness Customer Care Customer Care Track your Order Contact Us Offers . I bought this one just because their NaturSudio one was out of stock and it was so good that I assumed all their kajals would be equally good. Offers . It's a definite restock product for every skin care freak. The scrub gives an instant brightening effect, something that I look forward in a scrub. Review Date. PLUM GOODNESS GREEN TEA GENTLE REVIVAL FACE SCRUB | FULL ON DETAILED REVIEW | Buy The Product Here: Green Tea Gentle Revival Face Scrub MRP Rs. The Plum NaturStudio Kohl Kajal comes in a new prism packaging which looks very chic and classy. Plum Goodness has its own set of hits and misses in terms of performance. Overall, Plum Green Tea Alcohol free Toner has the goodness of green tea as well as glycolic acid which effectively control breakouts. Having said that, it may move or smudge if you rub your eyes harder which is pretty normal for any kajal. Plum, or Plum Goodness, recently launched sunscreen under their Green Tea Range which is honestly one of my favorite range. Just keep away from active acne. Product Description. The scrub is cream based hence spreads easily and also leaves the skin a bit hydrated. As far as its texture is concerned, it’s a very mild foam scrub and infact it is too mild for it to be even called a scrub for my liking. Literally.” By using AI and analysing your spending, the app claims to be able to help you save money, automatically. Due to the anti-harmful formulation, there will be no breakouts after using this. Beauty. Quantity: 50ml. Packaging of this product is on point, except for the fact that its push open cap draws excessive product at one go. Skin Care. And instead of curbing my active acne, it made me break out even more. Nonetheless, it’s a normal tendency to layer up the kohl on eyelids or waterline more than once. That’s all I look for in my scrub! But then as a basic step of CTM routine, I did moisturize my face and it just made my skin even better. Simply create a thick line using it on upper eye lid and smudge it nicely using smudger on the other end. Because skin care is something in which I trust only a few brands, among which one brand is PLUM GOODNESS. Sone. A little about Plum Goodness… Plum Goodness is an online-cosmetic brand, based in India, that was founded by Shankar Prasad in July 2014. Bag 0 Shampoo Gentle, nourishing sulphate-free shampoos perfectly suited for all hair types. But you cannot save it once you tear off the packaging to get to the product out. It’s between a face wash and a scrub for me and I still like it for its mild exfoliation which gives good results. Bestest in the category of night creams. I never felt the need of moisturizing my face right after using it. It Improves the texture of the skin, smells amazing & hydrates skin as well. Basic Information about Plum Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Night Cream: Price: INR 550. Being India’s First Beauty Brand to be 100 % Vegan. Author Rating. Ideally, it is meant for combination skin, but somehow it did not work on my over all dry face and slightly oily T-zone. The smell is amazing... a must after using sanitizer! Goodness combos Gifting Bestsellers About Plum About Plum Empties4Good #TalkCleanToMe Goodness land rewards Blog Help Help Customer care FAQs Store locator Order Cancellation Track your Order Offers . But on the other hand, I feel that a lot of other packs can also do that to my face without giving a tingling sensation and at a much lower price. PLUM GOODNESS CANDY MELTS VEGAN LIP BALM. 495.00. I did not review it earlier as i wanted to try and test it properly in order to come up with a detailed review to help you all out. … So, on the whole I am a little confused with this product since its not a scrub for sure but not just a cleanser either. It is completely non-sticky and the fragrance is very good - not too strong or overpowering. They are confident about their services in lieu of which they offer 100% money back guarantee if their customer is not satisfied. {{currencySymbol}} {{numberWithCommas((Math.round(item.price*100)/100).toFixed(2))}} INR, {{currencySymbol}} {{numberWithCommas((Math.round(item.discounted_price*100)/100).toFixed(2))}} INR, Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash | Oily, Acne-Prone Skin | Soap-Free, Candy Melts Lip Loves - Pack of 2 Lip Balms | Red Velvet Love + Berry Feast, Green Tea Clear Face Mask | Clay Mask For Oily Skin | 100% Vegan, Chamomile & White Tea Glow-Getter Face Mask, Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel | Oily, Acne-Prone Skin | 100% Vegan, Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash Mini (25 ml), Plum BodyLovin' Coffee Wake-a-ccino Hand Cream | Moisturizing | Non-Greasy | Soothing Coffee Aroma | 100% Vegan, NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal- Gemstone Green with FREE Sharpener, Drivin’ Me Cherry Scrub ‘n Moisturize Duo, NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal Black Brilliance Trio. 350.00 Rs. Enriched with green tea extracts … The kajal is extremely smudge proof and sets to a super matte finish within 3 seconds of application and stays on for a good 7 to 8 hours without moving or budging at all. Health … Add to bag 10% E-Luminence Cleanse & Hydrate Duo (Minis) MRP Rs. Wishlist 0. But surprisingly it works quiet nicely on my skin. It glides on the skin smoothly with its tiny red granules which gets dissolved onto the skin easily and I like this trait! I am using this 2nd lip blam from plum and its really good.. Also it stay for long.. Also the smell and texture of blam is really good.. Must try. And there are not glossy or shiny particles which are visible in most of the oil-free creams so I was sure that it won’t add shine to my face. Even though Plum has some nice products I feel the brand is a bit hyped as some products just don’t deliver, Nice and honest review. Sun Poisoning … It does its job of cleansing the face from within, giving a radiant glow to my face leaving the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Out of the various Plum Goodness Products that I have tried, their NaturStudio All Day Wear Kajal and Pore Cleansing Green Tea Face Wash are must buys. Thoughtfully formulates their products using the best of natural actives combined with safe, life-friendly ingredients. Add to bag E-Luminence Cleanse & Hydrate Duo (Minis) The perfect miniature bundle of mega hydration Dry and dull skin is pretty needy, don’t you agree? And it glides on easily unlike other packs which are quiet dry. It is the best toner for Dry skin. Price: Rs 295 for 12 gm. Cons: No live chat; How can I get free shipping for Plum Goodness? Essence Eyeshadow Metropolitan Review + Swatches . I have seen a lot of good reviews about this product but it’s disappointing that it didn’t work for me. Such a wonderful face pack. Read 1 more review about Plum Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Lee 6 reviews. It’s like a cleanser with small granules which eventually gets absorbed into the skin. Free shipping if you order over X amount? Reviews and Prices – Best Of Plum Goodness Products. Plum Goodness Green Tea Face Mist and Clarity Night Gel – Review: Price: Rs.360/- for 100ml Available on Nykaa. Coco Plum Inn Bed and Breakfast: Coco Plum goodness - See 751 traveler reviews, 276 candid photos, and great deals for Coco Plum Inn Bed and Breakfast at Tripadvisor. all rights reserved. Plum Goodness E-Luminence Serum. Colorbar Nail Polishes 24CT Antique Gold Nail … I love how it comes in a sustainable package . The Plum Chamomile & White Tea Brighten Up Face Scrub has got two types of scrubbing particles in them – one is a brown colored, smaller walnut particles and the other is large red colored cellulose beads. Plum Goodness NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal Review (Author ~ Sanchita) Hello beauties! For me, a scrub should be gentle on the skin with smaller granules which should eventually leave my skin extremely soft, brightened up and clean from deep within. 4.94 / 5 Amazing overall rating. Ultra smooth texture and no transfer formula. I’m on my third purchase now . Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner Review. 4. As the product has natural astringent, it helps in tightening pores. I am back with the review of another super long lasting rich kohl. Plum Goodness Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer is perfect for dry skin in summers. It has a nice sturdy tube packaging which is very travel friendly. Plum: Delightful, safe, paraben-free, phthalate-free, SLS-free skincare with rich natural ingredients like sea buckthorn, aloe, green tea, macadamia, chamomile With 3-4 uses, it removed my sun tan as well. The lightest pigment stayed on my oily eye lids after mattifying them properly, just for 3 to 4 hours. The pencil glides on like butter giving a superb pigmentation in a single stroke. The brand has a good set of values in its kitty that influences to buy their products, including, So why not! PLUM GOODNESS GRAPE SEED & SEA BUCKTHORN RENAISSANCE FACE MASK REVIEW. Theme by, 7. It needs constant nourishment and hydration throughout the day, no matter where you are. I like them to leave their good fragrance lingering over on the body for long. Unlike the Mild Foam Scrub, this feels like an actual scrub. Explore. Very good because it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals likeother face washer that causes skin damage. … 295.00. I mean I simply prefer Plum goodness as a brand on the whole mainly because they are 100% Vegan, Parabens-Free, Cruelty-Free, and above all they have products for all skin types. I like Plum Goodness as a brand because its products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Plum BodyLovin' Hawaiian... Rs. So, for me it’s the most suitable kajal for water based activities like when going out at beaches or for swimming. All rights reserved. It cleanses the face extremely well leaving it really soft, supple and clean. Do subscribe to keep updated on such new posts. Plum Goodness Review | Pros and Cons. I am going to review a new launch from the brand Plum Goodness and these are called the Plum Goodness Candy Melts Vegan Lip Balm. Reviewer. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It is a water based toner and I gave this one multiple benefits of doubt to make it work somehow, but it tingled my skin very badly every time I applied it. It won’t sit on my oily eye lids come what may. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Highly recommended for oily and acne prone skin. Account. Skin Care Products . Whatta beauty it is!!! It is dark and stays the whole day . Gives away 1% of their sales to Environmental Non-Profits, as a global member of One Percent for The Planet. Final Thoughts on Plum Goodness Products Plum Goodness has its own set of hits and misses in terms of performance. Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner Review. The best feature attributed to is the guiding principles of the brand with regards to skin-friendly ingredients incorporated in their beauty products.