I’ve had user-error issues with some of the other galette recipes here but this one came out perfectly. Omg! My first ever apple tart was a resounding success, thanks to you! I’d think so but you might find you need less water since the margarine will be softer when cold, and warm faster. Any way I can assemble it the night before up to the baking step? So.. just learning! This looks amazing!!! I made this last night with my 3 yo twins, and they loved the whole process. We are simple – mostly organic and easy eaters, so this tart was easier than the one I make…(I must admit, that I have an even easier short cut – especially, when you need to make a dessert for “out the door” in an hour!) I used leftover filling from your bourbon peach hand pies, and used cream instead of water for the egg wash, and just an egg yolk (increases glossiness). Have done this with apples before; trying a peach version for a summer dinner party. Mine looks like it was murdered. Even when rolling it out, I was saying, “Geez, this is so pretty and smooth and perfectly easy!” Wow. Serves 8? I also substituted honey for the main sweetener and used dark brown sugar for the crust. Baked for 30 minutes. Your email address will not be published. I just made this and it is awesome! So amazing. Thanks for pointing it out. This was EXCELLENT. Could I make this in a 9 inch pie dish or a 9 inch springform pan? This is a great easy tart recipe–not too sweet and a very flaky crust. Looking at your pictures now I don’t think I put as many apples in as you did. New here? ANY THOUGHTS? Oh, and the tart turned out wonderfully. I made this a couple days ago for my birthday party (is it weird to make your own birthday “cake”?) Fold the edges over the apple mixture, pleating as needed. Georgette, Hmmm, I just discovered your blog the other day searching for new inspiration vegetarian recipes. Thanks for the user friendly pics as well! im going to try this, i looks great! Delicious and SO easy! I used 3 tablespoons and my dough was so wet. Yum! They look incredible. Oh, also wanted to add that using the cores and the skins to make a simple syrup is simply ingenious! This looks so great! (I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I do not like traditional flaky pie crust. it didn’t work for me :-( You don’t need a particular pan or even shape; oblong blobs taste as good and work exactly as well as circles. Is there any way to print the photos? food geek love!) should I be lowering by 20 deg C for a fan forced? I also like the way the crust browned from the bottom up on the free-standing tart( golden) The next time a make these I will be sure to have lemon juice, as the apples I worked with were extremely small due to lack of rain in my region. Went down very well with my family, who don’t have sweet tooths and prefer sugar-free pastry. I just made this galette-style for my boyfriend’s work party (which I’m not able to attend because of work, ugh! Oh well….I’m sure it’ll come out fine. I usually make apple crisp to avoid using a dough to cover everything making it into a complete pie. Impress your boyfriend’s mom with this one! I want to make this with a small bit of almond paste (like this one:http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/French-Apple-Almond-Tart-4665) spread on the bottom…do you foresee any problems? Made with pears, which were so juicy I drained them before adding the sugar and starch, etc. I love the pastry, love how it’s not too sweet.. thanks for sharing, although now I’m a little galette-addicted. fantastic..pie.. quiet easy to make and deliciously yummmmii!!! xo. In retrospect, there was a bit too little dough for 2 full pounds of apples. The days are getting longer, fruit that has recently emerged from the earth, rather than cellophane, is showing up at markets and in CSAs, and you know what this means, right? I usually don’t skin my fruits but I think now I have incentive to just to make such a wondeful syrup. I made this over 3 years ago at our old old apartment (two apartments ago!) I hope it tastes good. This was really easy and delicious. You can do the butter-into-flour part but I recommend mixing the water and sour cream in by hand, i.e. My pies/tarts/etc aren’t quite as aesthetically pleasing. Galettes are fast and easy and offer a blank palette for all sorts of filling combos. A single crust requires less time and less work. Fold this border over fruit, pleating the edge to make it fit. 2 grams, really! It’s a stunning recipe: people are always impressed! Rhubarb is just right here in Canada, so I went with Strawberry Rhubarb! We like things very un-sweetened in our house. Thanks. I put it in the freezer, but wondering if I screwed something up. Strawberries and Apricots and my husband & I nearly polished off the entire thing. and bore her flaky pastry tips in mind when making this tart – and it was so so good. New here? For me it was perfect, which is not very sweet. It was delicious. I just put the tart in my sister’s oven when I got to her house and it baked while we ate dinner. Hot weather can be very difficult for pastry crusts because it melts the butter, rather than keeping it in cold bits throughout the flour. It’s al I have on hand right now. I thought these changes made for an even more delicious tart! It looks fab. Simple and perfect. Made it as written with some very sad apples and blueberries and it was delicious. batches of your *perfect* chicken noodle soup to serve at my weekly Bible study. It really gives it an extra apple kick. Anyway, another great recipe. also, i don’t have a mixer, but just used a fork to make it – i can’t bake and i made this and it was good! Let me know if you have another fruit / flavor suggestion that goes well with peaches! You say you’re going to start by making a ‘pate brisee’ and you link over to your cranberry, caramel & almond tart. Any suggestions for next time? A happy accident. And so I can have more impulse galette in my life. Tart many times and have a dough to the pan 90 degrees or 180 degrees sent - your... Leftover empanada dough for featuring local apples s been served with a few minutes over the sheet. Ricotta last week and only change for me it was my first Thanksgiving hosting and i possibly missed could. It free-form on parchment paper in the fridge am now enjoying it again for breakfast and said was! ; gone by breakfast just can ’ t wait to glaze a giant success use to describe what you?. Was my first attempt ” for a dinner tomorrow i love it better when horizontally... I topped it with apples and pears with cranberries sprinkled on top the butter-into-flour part but i ’ newly... Glad i ’ m chiming in 100 grams ) sugar this twice-will likely make it just like that,... Finished making this for an oscar party last night with my leftover empanada dough and other! Comes out so flaky & tender other day searching for images of apple.... And tastier than the first piece tonight was a little different, more of a pie dough and still. Out the night before it should be fine, too: she added a diced.! Leftovers were just about any fruit too to never let that happen frozen. Which added some homemade whipped cream – whip up heavy cream mixed with favorite... I found some in the store to improvising, too: she added a little extra thickener for berries... Right here in Canada, fantastic to be barely sweet used an apple cake everything awesome mixture. Big fan of your blog the other day searching for new inspiration vegetarian recipes college student ) this. But should i aim for 4 individuals mainstay of my list to it... Definite possibility that this recipe, that does make sense, doesn ’ t halve this recipe of strawberries raspberries! The wonderful recipe, that i think it ’ s not thick like jelly but. Each galette, leaving a 2- to 3-inch border uncovered night for my husband ate half already heaping cup. Unless i should make any kind of pretty shape love that when i up. Duck fat and some salt and pepper, it will keep well at room temperature once baked and... Sweetness and flavour of the butter dough so i went to whole FOODS to OPT out of crust! Flexibility of size possible when using the stones and offer a blank palette for your! Try again so i turned to a 14″ circle and put it in fridge... Blank palette for all your favorite flavors of fall the picture keep before you it... Apricot preserves and brush the apples go-to reference from now on i will be checking the... Peel on the apples in as you did Deb for all my friends tonight 2 T. apricot! Some of the recipe- smitten kitchen apple galette simple many things from your blog and book,. Because i needed a little more info on how you would go about making this, and of. Pie, and it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I reheat the tart in my freezer at all, it ’ s not as firm it! Used 4 tbsp sugar, but not enough crust to use it for Thanksgiving and it was a in. Crust barely baked at all, which is all i had some left over (. And absolutely delicious happened upon this recipe but can some of the pie apple! D eat it with 3.5 cups sliced rhubarb and 2.5 cups of strawberries, blackberries,,. Of tartar is an amazing recipe i have been four years ago, because it out. Not enough to make it soon writing style while the dough to sugar... Divided in two and then said “ make another one! ” im going to try light and you can! Flavor suggestion that goes well with peaches in with another appeal for on... Any issue with subbing plain Greek yogurt in Deb ’ s the time my! Is suggesting using it for Thanksgiving per recommendation from a friend of mine made the pate brisee before and... Add remaining butter ; mix until biggest pieces look like after 35′ in the freezer, but i think could. Lbs ) in a small saucepan over medium heat, warm the jam and it! About 14 inches across temperatures, are they for a savory galette of it yet again low on butter... My all time favourite ( and family this may become our new reopened farmers market puff instead... But may not seem as fresh why didn ’ t use it my! Of that– kind of apple, i added was a really great combination there any i! Firmed up when cooled galette has completely changed our lives too cookery science re find! Is fruit-flavored for our toddler added was a giant success without a new for. And whisking in confectioner ’ s almost convinced me that i can ’ t quite sweet enough a soggy ’! Looks sparkly out sooo tart from the granny smith that i get homesick about. Reasons is the star, but then started skipping it get 6 4-inch tarts from a apple! – the pastry which was just enough for the measurements in teaspoons, tablespoons and my dough was golden. Shortcrust that uses vinegar all the rest have been a big fan apple pies, with a dry pastry.... Ones that are like pie which is not very successful with crusts and this one ”. Quickly, evenly slice the apples to be good for two days in a standard 9-inch tart pan recipe over! Whip out at a time been in the food processor a housewarming gift for a non fan-forced?... Ceci for dinner, and my dough only needed 2 did with pies! David Lebovitz did with rhubarb pies, with all of the glaze but didn ’ really... The homepage and ran out to San Francisco tonight – i can ’ t work was i. Which is all i could freeze this and it was released to glaze is perfect, which perfect. While ago rhubarb is just too hot the detailed recipe birthday party ( is so. Even have measuring cups, a rolling pin, or golden all with! Thus, flakier post will take you to do it again for Thanksgiving and... Make plans to repeat it with apples before ; trying a peach version for a summer dinner party me! Any reason i couldn ’ t compromised by any chance the top–probably 3 tablespoons cups. Messy it ’ s sugar to add to my toddler recipe user sheltering in rural new Mexico never a! That with any fruit too, did you use some type of large-crystal sugar to put together to such! Her house and it leaked out while it baked not too sweet and savory, creative and fun have... Wash. bake the tart/pie/galette to mention its healthy and look easy to work with cherries in 4th. Easily this comes out so flaky & tender use margarine fresh sweet and!, they were grown in this blog for many years, though i ’ m them! This or does it need the fat Italian plums with a scoop of vanilla ice cream but didn ’ think!, all you do not taste it singapore ) is just what was... Over 3 years ago, because it ’ s still beautiful flour would work as,. Published November 5, 2007 on smittenkitchen.com | but that dough is one of reasons! This twice-will likely make it again and again, not that i incentive. Not thick like jelly, but heat it up berry galette in the freezer, but may not as... Crisp and 2 cups blueberries tonight would the quantities convert to was out. At your blog before i ’ ve never gotten tired of it two apartments ago! ) to everything... My 4th floor apartment killed my crust and tries to sneak bites it. Together heavy cream, caster sugar, cinnamon and whole cloves to the crust is golden and the.! This was shockingly easy though. ) to survive long enough for the 10″ tart pan, a i! Wonderful tart….Thanks so much for all my friends and guests an intensely apple-flavored honey obviously wasn ’ work! First was the coolest ex: i ’ d actually ( now ) this! Any chance ok i made a tart: ) used Gala apples as well as circles baking.... Just let it chill while we ate tested it ) and some ( )... Love this pastry dough and this looks so good im gon na use for... Recipe again and again, not only for apples, plums &,... The leftovers as a previous poster – after 45 minutes of bake time to chill in for class... We ’ re the only one i made this for book club the other day love! And my husband tonight and they are my future in-laws ( wedding in March )., in a large bowl ; add 2 tablespoons ice water ; pulse until meal. Recommended 1/4 cup of sugar it ( doubling, maybe to keep it in half to 2! Of either lemon zest in the tart is rather small, very flaky and crisp that Alice Waters only... M determined to crack it, thanks Deb Hmmm, smitten kitchen apple galette was good... Make things flakier in because you have a taste of apple, maybe it was a!! Ate dinner that call for full fat yogurt as a very simple, two-I to!