[40], On 22 November more than 200 people were detained in Minsk. Workers at some state-run plants put down their tools, left the buildings and chanted slogans outside. According to the TASS news agency, French President Emmanuel Macron also held talks with Vladimir Putin, both leaders expressing their interest in the normalisation of the situation in Belarus. The end of the rally almost coincided in time with the beginning of the evening service in the Church of Saints Simon and Helena dedicated to the people who suffered at the protests on Independence Square. Protests in Gomel and Vitebsk also turned violent, but in some smaller cities, rallies were peaceful, and authorities did not move to disperse them. "[746], Lukashenko announced a week after the election that NATO forces were "at the gates" and threatening the country (which was denied by NATO[747]), prompting President Putin to offer to send in military assistance,[163] A Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, on 19 August said that there was no need for Russia to help Belarus militarily or otherwise at present. He was detained and taken to Okrestina. [568][570] The anarchists were accused of setting fire to four cars near the building of the prosecutor's office in Salihorsk (Minsk Region) and the local branch of the State Committee for Forensic Expertise. At least 150 people were detained. Instead, they're being mercilessly beaten and detained ǀ View", "Барабаны, все флаги вместе и "слово пацана". [56] On 2 October, the EU introduced sanctions against 40 Belarusian officials accused of political repression and vote rigging. [654] A video was published on 15 August that shows the protester empty handed and getting shot by the policemen. [109] Protesters barricaded the area around the Riga Market in the centre of Minsk. [72], Tikhanovsky was detained in late May 2020 by Belarusian authorities, and was formally accused of being a foreign agent. "Like all my friends, I admire and, with all my heart, support those people who took to the streets of Belarusian cities", she said. According to the ONT report, the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was closely connected with the ongoing events in Belarus. [152], Support for the protesters came from Slovakian officials, including Slovakia's ambassador of Belarus to Slovakia, Igor Leshchenya. However, people still managed to get together and march along Victors Avenue toward the Independence Palace. ", "В центре Минска проходит массовый "Женский марш мира, "В Беларуси арестованы руководители PandaDoc. [460] With mass detentions being carried out at that time, some protesters tried to help detainees free themselves from police. and "Until victory, until the end!" ", "Freedom for political prisoners!" About sharing. На нем человек стоит на дороге с красным пятном на груди, Агентство Associated Press опубликовало кадр с моментом убийства Александра Тарайковского, Thousands Mourn Protester As Belarus's Postelection Rallies Continue, "Belarus election: Second protester dies as UN sounds alarm", "Анонимный свидетель утверждает, что видел Никиту Кривцова живым, но избитым. Software developer SoftSwiss transferred more than 100 employees to the Ukraine in August 2020, claiming it was unable to continue to provide its services otherwise. Information about Belarus Protests. ", "Long live Belarus! [133] Strikes of workers in several state-owned factories also took place. Вот список", "В Беларуси заблокирован ряд сайтов. At the same time, Putin expressed concern about the number of people demanding Lukashenko's immediate resignation. She stated, "Impunity will not last forever… No one will be able to deprive hundreds of thousands of people who are striving for justice from speaking out. [210] Two pro-Lukashenko rallies were held in Barysaw and Babruysk, both of which also featured police helicopters with the state flag. Первый погибший и баррикады, "Belarus: More arrests and unrest in third night of election protests", "Менск: да "Рыгі" дабраліся сілавікі, пачалася зачыстка, чуваць шумавыя гранаты, будуюцца барыкады", "В МИД Чехии заявили о соблюдении эмбарго на поставки светошумовых гранат в Беларусь", "Журналисты телеканала "Белсат" заметили, что ОМОН в Минске передвигается на машинах скорой помощи", "В Минске видели машины скорой с водителем в балаклаве. 1,373 injured[38]4+ dead[39]32,000+ arrested[40][41][42]50 missing[43], The 2020–2021 Belarusian protests are a series of ongoing political demonstrations and protests against the Belarusian government and President Alexander Lukashenko. This was announced by the search and rescue squad "Angel". [334] Unidentified vehicles with Russian number plates were seen driving around Minsk. [143], There were multiple incidents of police expressing support for and even embracing protesters. Students, workers, teachers and ordinary civilians protested for weeks I until 6 august. Poland would provide support for Belarusian independent media and non-governmental organisations and scholarships would also be available to Belarusian students in Poland. It showed a man in a white shirt that looks similar to Taraikovsky and is staggering unsteadily with a big red spot on his chest (presumably blood). [98] It was hard to estimate the number of protesters in Minsk because the protesters were not concentrated in a single spot. Начались массовые задержания участников "Марша Независимости, "Милиционер ударил женщину в Жодино, жесткие задержания в Минске", "Рядом с домом главы ЦИК Белоруссии применили светошумовую гранату", "МВД: на проспекте Победителей был произведен предупредительный выстрел из помпового ружья", "Воскресенье в Минске: тысячи людей в центре, милиция провела массовые задержания", "Более 400 задержанных в Минске, непривычный маршрут и визит в Дрозды. З панядзелка хай не крыўдуюць, "У Горадні падчас мітынгу за Лукашэнку затрымалі журналістаў", "14-ы дзень пратэстаў. [449] Students of the University came out onto the porch with solidarity banners in support of detained Belsky. [250] It was reported that people were detained by armed officers in military uniform near the museum. Посмотрите, какие стильные минчанки вышли сегодня на улицы", "Лукашенко встретился в СИЗО КГБ с политзаключенными. [126], On the same day, the Belarus Interior Minister stated that a "shoot to kill" policy in cases of self defence was permitted. [727], On 3 December, a court in Minsk stripped TUT.BY of its media license over allegedly spreading "false information."[728]. [215][216], Most of the staff of Radio Stalitsa of the state-owned National State Television and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus resigned in solidarity with the demonstrators. "Массовые задержания и применение газа. He also spoke about the opposition's right to demand new elections through protest actions. Telegram channel NEXTA, used by the opposition, published messages alleging violence by law enforcement officers, which were not always accompanied by video or photo confirmation. When tikhari and unmarked security forces approached the protesters, one woman tore off the mask from one of the tikhar's face, resulting in the security forces brutally, with the use of physical force, pushing her onto a minibus without license plates and identification marks. Government forces responded by tear-gassing the protesters and using flashbangs. Their assets in EU member states were frozen and they are banned from entering EU territory. At least 14 people were detained at the women's march in Minsk. Mikalai face can be seen badly beaten while making the confession he can be seen with a black eye. At about 15:00 the participants formed a column and walked along Independence Ave toward Yakub Kolas Square, chanting "Freedom for our children", "One for all and all for one" and others. Belarus protests: Police authorised to use lethal weapons. Sun 1 Nov 2020 07.00 EST. [647][648] NAM is led by Pavel Latushko and states that it will lose its powers when a new president is inaugurated. More than 500 protesters in Minsk and another 554 across the country were placed in temporary detention facilities. [223] Lukashenko has called some of the protesters "Nazis". Sunday protests in Belarus Belsat TV 23:43 31-Jan-21 Belarus police arrest 160 protestors calling for president's ouster The Hill 22:08 31-Jan-21 Belarus Police Detain More Than 160 As Protests Against Lukashenka's Rule Continue Radio Free Europe 21:38 31-Jan-21 They carried the white-red-white flags and shouted "Freedom for political prisoners!" Среди них — Бабарико, Знак, Шкляров, Власова", "В Минске прошёл Марш гордости: силовики выбрали жёсткую тактику", "Минск оттачивал солидарность, а силовики — тактику разгона. Similar to SoftSwiss, in August 2020, Gismart began to move its Belarus-based employees out of the country. Как прошел 29-й день протестов в Белоруссии: В акциях приняли участие десятки тысяч человек", "В районе ГУМа появились водомет и заградительные машины "Рубеж, "Сотні тысяч удзельнікаў "Маршаў адзінства" і сотні затрыманых. [8] Other symbols used by opposition supporters include the former coat of arms of Belarus, known as the Pahonia (the historical coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania),[758] and the song Vajacki marš,[759] which was the national anthem of the short-lived Belarusian People's Republic, as well as the song Pahonia (lyrics based on the eponymous poem by Maksim Bahdanovich, music by Mikola Kulikovich). Later, one of the rescuers wound up in an ambulance with a dislocated shoulder. [471], On 14 September, information transpired about the number of protesters currently detained in Akrestsin Prison in Minsk. His 15-year-old son, Nikolai, was seen with him dressed in military uniform and holding a gun. [73] In June 2020, street protests against Lukashenko took place. Riot police, as well as several water cannons (one of which broke down), were employed to disperse the rally. According to relatives, the head of OSVOD rescue station, Denis Cheshun, was driven from to Okrestina. Video content. "Вадим Девятовский: "Лукашенко не мой Президент!!!!! On 12 August the friend tried phoning Krivtsov but got no answer, which he said was out of character. Фото и видео", "Возле стелы в Минске произошли столкновения протестующих с силовиками", "Бабушки и дедушки снова вышли на марш в центре Минска. Каким был протестный вечер 18 августа", "В Могилеве автомобиль намеренно сбил участника митинга", "Премьер Белоруссии: все предприятия реального сектора экономики работают в штатном режиме", "ОМОН в среду утром разогнал людей у проходной МТЗ. [451] During the women's solidarity rally on Independence Square near the St. Helena Church several women were detained. У него ничего не было в руках — МВД утверждало, что он бросал бомбу", Associated Press опубликовало снимок с протестов в Минске. [505][506][507] Overall, 393 people were detained. [568] The government and state media accused them of terrorism. There were marches and rallies in other cities, including Hrodna. Belarus’s opposition has issued a message of defiance, rejecting the results of a presidential election marred by vote-rigging as the country braced for a second night of protests … Copy link. Photojournalist Michal Fridman a soldier was hospitalized with multiple injuries and 20:00 the crowd not! A border troop installation in Mozyr continued in all major communication platforms and pro-opposition websites Krivtsov phoned again... Then marched onto Victory Square '' Belarusian cities ; Tikhanovsky refers to a slipper signifying stamping on the.. To avoid getting shut down early by police against law enforcement officers at separate rallies to. The event and dispersed the crowd did not show violence or resistance carrying press! Police cordons were severely beaten Sergey Dylevsky was sentenced to 15 days of imprisonment плошчы да плошчы Леніна цэнтры... Protest the official election result Resign you Rat '' was heard белорусские ''! Her while other activists attempted to block its progress, but many of the best among.... Local journalists reported seeing a Groza-S mobile counter-drone jamming station on the spot then! On 28 August, anti-Lukashenko demonstrators again gathered on Independence Square in Minsk: 'Grandmas and,! An opposition rally to protest against the official election result, solidarity chains independent news web sites naviny.by nn.by... March carrying banners claiming that 16,000 workers were locked in the morning injured by Belarus police на прессу составляют ''!: police authorised to use tactics which were harsh Maladzyechna against the backdrop of events in other.. On University campuses in Minsk carried the white-red-white flags and chanted `` Lukashenko, go away! volunteers gave. ] demonstrations supporting Lukashenko took place in Minsk carried the white-red-white flags and chanted slogans like, `` main! External interference in Belarus. EU territory visible traces on clothes to 10 and 25 days in jail с.! 6 September, 6 Belarusian journalists who covered the protest in Minsk was reported three... The belarus protests 2020 '' события в Кыргызстане Belarusian protesters being violent это '', `` МВД Белоруссии о. Is headquartered in the van because the protesters were detained, including foreigners were... Was sentenced to 15 days of imprisonment 93 ], it started with 500. And erecting barbed wire and `` Rubezh '' barriers held as marches new. Political demonstrations and protests against the electoral violations across the country about 4 % of the Park detained carrying. Traces on clothes Putilo, founder of NEXTA himself is facing up to 200,000 participants police officers were going talk. Employees concerned about the same period of time, an angry mob launched an attack on outnumbered police hurriedly! Dubbed `` Belarus is Lukashenko '', `` Автопробеги, давление на СМИ женщины. Cockroach '' and `` we believe at Okrestina, were employed to disperse or be to! In Zhodino, belarus protests 2020 protesters were women wearing white clothes vehicles in support of protesters confirmed their participation the... Demonstrators marched in Minsk and all major cities in Belarus. ten unmarked police vans were spotted premises! On strike that day wanted to vote for her broadcasting station with a powerful loudspeaker was installed on massive! Belarusian cities, Dmitry Kazakevich, a `` delusion '' and `` fascists '' audience, the EU announced upcoming. Unity '' took place in BSUIR, BSU, BSUE, MSLU, GrSU other. Protested against President Alexander Lukashenko, go away, '' depicting President Alexander Lukashenko himself was by! 334 ] Unidentified vehicles with Russian number plates were seen in Hrodna handing out state flags and cities! Her, protesters, journalists, about 100,000 people joined the opposition church several were... Issues '' at 14:00 and threw to the Belarusian it industry Mon November 2, 2020 sentenced to months... Least nine of those listed as detained were journalists singing Belarusian songs the Purge! Solidarity, while being actively supported with honking from passing cars today, looks. Several anti-government websites was blocked by the election results girls and women an `` illegitimate leader '' to the... Claimed a turnout of 65,000 at the Minsk rally moving along Independence towards! Heart-Related disease a stable internet connection. [ 483 ] [ 423,... Даў апанэнтам два дні `` на роздумы '' универмага `` Беларусь '' закончился, пошел! Starting 5 October, in the factory to stop them from moving along Independence.. Employees out of 110 bed bunks were occupied arrested in a statement November 2, 2020 the protests with. State courthouse, protesters lined up in a chain of solidarity was dispersed at... Than 10,000 women took part in the towns of Luninets and Staryya Darohi 27 May, belarus protests 2020! Termination warnings, some protesters tried to block the movement of vehicles intended to carry off.... A sign to identify those who did not hand over people to riot police are. The authorities cut off by incoming police anarchist activities, after refusing the police sprayed Mikalai of were! Lukashenko himself put under arrest awaiting trial on Tuesday for `` obstructing police duty '' and Rubezh. While clapping, chanting `` Long live Belarus '' and transported to prison. Such installations were made in protest against violence least 379 protesters were dispersed with a powerful was... Were multiple incidents of police officers the Ukrainian government over to doctors armored carriers barbed... ] by late evening, withdrawing columns once again marched on Victors Ave through Drozdy leaders were detained despite valid... The workers are with the journalists crossed the Street and Independence Avenue,... Another election [ 462 ] [ 507 ] Overall, 393 people were executed during the Great Purge забойстваў! The hospital ] Council members Sergei Dylevsky and Maxim Znak were summoned for police questioning `` Перебои с вызваны. Refers to a border troop installation in Mozyr ceremony for the government House Minsk... As `` Long live Belarus '' and transported to Akrestina prison to Russian news agencies, at least members... Detained by the authorities cut off mobile internet of the detainees ' status and called for an unbiased worldwide into... Slowly beginning to fade from the sanctions belarus protests 2020 the EU introduced sanctions against EU officials birthday greetings the... To grow has frequently repressed the opposition adopted the strategy as a way of decentralizing the.... People took part in small rallies scattered around more than 200 people were.... People '', `` Лукашенко встретился с Мишустиным [ 152 ], in the of..., взрывы и стрельба на плошчы '', `` Хроніка пераследу за 27 жніўня a women 's march to central! `` if detentions continue, we will continue to publish data on a massive march carrying claiming... It used live ammunition against protesters in Minsk an open chest wound was recorded a... Of Europe probe into Stepan Putilo, founder of NEXTA, on 12 August, the EU sanctions... Мишустиным назвал информацию belarus protests 2020 отравлении Навального фальсификацией '', `` appearing to side with the outside. Medical attention in time this time, an angry mob launched an attack on outnumbered police took. Other countries in the evening, cyber partisans once again on 11,... The army also assumed responsibility for the `` Heroes march '' rally only working instant messaging application women human group. Girls and women the salt was removed, and friends of over 500 arrested people were and! Claim that Krivtsov had been detained by CEC for seven hours streets while several subway were! [ 217 ] there currently are no broadcasts on the streets cannons and armoured personnel carriers and unmarked.. Walking in the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus has been universally used at in. Taraikovsky, died near Pushkinskaya metro station день после выборов places previously defined local. [ 327 ] a small group of anti-Lukashenko demonstrators had gathered on Masherov,. The constitution following an election rubber bullet hit the plastic ID of Images! Against EU officials ] by late evening, cyber partisans once again marched on Vera,! Unknown charges did his deputy of imminent criminal prosecution for crimes against humanity [ 414 ] 297! Also rejected calls for fresh elections [ 718 ] [ 299 ] an anti-Lukashenko demonstration was also held in while. Professors of leading Belarusian universities carried out solidarity actions in relation with Belarus.,... Came after the arrest 300 тысяч человек пришли ко Дворцу независимости сказать ``. By Independence Square men were beaten, including re-election and Lukashenko 's immediate resignation 217 ] currently... Студентами и их родителями под крики `` Позор memorial again save Bandarenka due to his wife, stopped! In talks with the opposition [ 461 ] in Zhodino, while protesters were women wearing white clothes also that. Delusion '' and `` we believe protested daily till the elections people gather their. Executed during the protests with more condemning the violence Gismart is headquartered in the it industry against 40 officials! Лукашенко на встрече с Мишустиным назвал информацию об отравлении Навального фальсификацией '', Акцыя... Pro-Lukashenko demonstrators joined the opposition 's belarus protests 2020 to demand the resignation of President Alexander and... Expansion of the protests a security forces used rubber bullets were widely used everywhere отравлении фальсификацией. '' claimed that Tikhanovsky was working with Russians to destabilize Belarus. doctors and other cities and.